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The Cape May Maritime Museum is seeking volunteers and donations in their effort to restore the rare Motor Lifeboat CG-36538 [circa 1952]. A complete restoration is underway on the vessel that was used in countless rescue missions and was so important to Cape May County's maritime history. The remaining restoration effort is said to require approximately 4,000 hours of labor and some $300,000. 2023 is our projected target launch year!

The CG-36538 has also been approved for inclusion on the National Historic Register and a similar 36' Motor lifeboat - Type TRS has been depicted in the Disney movie, The Finest Hours.

If interested in becoming a volunteer or making a donation, kindly click the ''Send Email'' link above.

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Motor Lifeboat CG-36538
Work begins on the CG-36538
Some of our volunteer crew members working to restore the CG-36538