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At our company, we take pride in our specialization in operating beach and boutique properties along the stunning New Jersey coast and in Pennsylvania. With a comprehensive range of services, we offer exceptional hotel operations, sales and marketing expertise, as well as accounting and financial management.

When it comes to hotel operations, we are dedicated to providing smooth and efficient experiences for both guests and staff. From seamless check-ins to prompt housekeeping services and reliable maintenance support, we ensure that every aspect of our operations runs seamlessly. Our goal is to create an environment where guests can relax and enjoy their stay, knowing that their comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Our sales and marketing team employs innovative strategies to maximize occupancy rates and attract guests to our beach and boutique properties. Through targeted advertising, online promotions, social media engagement, and collaborations with local businesses and tourism organizations, we position our properties as premier destinations along the New Jersey coast and in Pennsylvania.

Furthermore, our accounting and financial management expertise ensures the financial success and stability of our properties. We handle budgeting, revenue management, expense tracking, and financial reporting to optimize profitability. Our meticulous approach allows us to make informed decisions, identify growth opportunities, and maintain transparent financial operations.

With our beach and boutique properties, guests can expect a range of unique experiences.


Beach House Motel, Wildwood, NJ
Ocean 7 Motel, Ocean City, NJ
Surf City Hotel, Long Beach Island, NJ
The Hewitt Wellington Hotel, Spring Lake, NJ
BeachWalk at Seabright, Sea Bright, NJ